Okay the fandango synopsis of this movie says that it is a romantic comedy about Nephew Tommy and Brian White trying to get women..Uh did we watch the same movie? There was nothing romantic about this picture neither was there a storyline. The movie was all over the place! Mya, Marla Gibbs, Method Man, and Terrence J all made merely cameos in the movie. In fact, their characters could've been written out altogether. To be honest, I only went to see Brian White who played a callous first year doctor. His portrayal was at best unbelievable.....Says alot of good about his character as a person but not much for him as an actor. Sorry Brian but besides the shirt-less scenes you sucked in this movie. Now my girl Marla was the bright light at the end of the dark tunnel. She had me rolling all over the place. I think it's time her career saw a ressurection like Betty White. I gave this movie a No only because Oh No would hurt black cinema. What was this whole thing with Prostate Cancer? NO!