I LOVE Puccini. And I had no problem accepting an Italian opera set in Japan (Madama Butterfly) or an Italian opera set in China (Turandot). But somehow an Italian opera set in the Old West didn't work for me. The singing was fine but the acting and staging were contrived and lacking in authenticity and believability. I couldn't buy that a gun-toting, hard-drinking woman saloon keeper had NEVER BEEN KISSED! Another factor that made it hard for me to enjoy the opera was that in the row in front of me were 30 school children (maybe 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders). They were squirmy, they ran back and forth in their rows DURING the performance, and never stopped chattering. Whoever set up the scholarship program that permitted them to attend for free should have instructed them in acceptable opera ettiquette. I left at the first intermission and listened to the rest of the opera on radio.