Even if you don't think you'll like the subject matter of Client 9, you will find yourself totally absorbed in the compelling drama of the Eliot Spitzer story. Extensive interviews with Mr Spitzer himself, along with the high level Wall Street and political insiders, as well as the dubious women of the night who directly impacted his career, offer a fast-moving life and blood portrayal of this complex man. Spitzer emerges as a high minded politician with lofty progressive values, albeit a man with a devastating character flaw; a politician whose brazen efforts at Wall Street reform, had they been implemented, may have saved us from today's economic debacle. With astonishingly high approval ratings, Spitzer once had a golden opportunity to capture the White House. Then scandal hit, and Spitzer's Wall Street enemies and the media set fire to his reputation and all came tumbling down. Client 9 is a totally authentic, well-balanced documentary, and story telling at its unflagging best.