This moving was breathtaking! I saw it with my mother. We are 21 & 51, and we both found the movie really great. This movie was very emotionally involving (it was very powerfully done, we both cried), and it also had some really exciting and superbly awesome action scenes. The whole shabang. Guns, hand-to-hand combat, knives, throwing axes... You know. :)

It's an independent film. In my own experience (which isn't THAT much), independent films can be awkwardly filmed (awkward pauses or camera angles, not sure if its inexperience of the director?) but I did not notice anything like that in this movie. This movie is totally just too good for selling out to the big names. =b

Go see this movie! It deserves some more attention. I continue to picture different parts of it, images of it running through my mind...the telltale sign that I'll surely have to see this movie again! Annd, I could see what people mean about Won Bin. Pretty guy. Not to mention, his character is totally awesome.