Great interpretation of a Wagner work on stage. The most stunning presentation from the Metropolitan Opera Stage I've seen.
The conductor of the orchestra is the best for Wagner's music. The singing artists all filled their parts well, both vocally and dramatically.
The broadcasting of live Metropolitan opera performances via a movie theater is a great way to bring opera to the masses.
The story is universal. Anyone who wants to see the best combination of the play, the music, and the theater art should see this opera in this way. The staging is twenty-first century styling, yet fits well with a very old story line. It can be seen in the theater only once per performance run, but can be seen live at the Metropolitan opera for the next few weeks.
There will be other operas coming to the theaters in many different areas of this country and abroad as they are produced throughout the season at the Metropolitan opera company.
Avid viewer,
2010-2011 season