Move over Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino), Michael Caine (a Brit and a better actor) has once again shown Hollywood how to make a revenge and vigilante movie that is much better than Eastwood's swan song "Gran Torino" or even the old "Death Wish" movies of the 70's. This movie is better written,better paced and a lot more realistic than any of those California pot boilers. Caine is a retired marine, who has lost his wife and now his best friend to urban violence and is out for revenge. Every scene in this movie feels real, especially the scene in the drug den where Caine shoots the pushers and saves the drugged-up girl they're using as a sex slave. Emily Mortimer as the detective and Liam Cunnungham as Sid the pub owner are excellent. The ending is bloody and believable, with the cops taking credit for clean up of the London version of the "hood". This movie is strickly art house stuff these days, but be sure to catch it when it goes to DVD.