Having heard of the book through a friend who was having a very hard time reading all of the heavy material (the words in the pages of books truly have an effect of us), I decided that it would be a good event to take her to - knowing it couldn't possibly be as heavy least people leaving feeling helpless instead of hopeful.

I decided to bring my 12 3/4 old daughter with us and her 17 yr old daugher joined us in addtion to another friend. The experience was amazing, sad,uplifting and triumphant. I loved the musical guests, the short film was absolutely a call to arms and the guests were effecting.

3 probs with the experience & they were very minute: Helene (Prez & CEO of CARE) cannot read a teleprompter to save her life - it was painful to listen to her struggle so profoundly with reading (she was likely very nervous, but maybe rehearsing would have been in order). Marissa Tomei (yes, the award winning ACTRESS) SMACKED HER LIPS through her entire speech and round-table was dry