Elina Garanca evolved into the perfect Carmen, passionate, intense, an uncontrollable force of nature. Her singing was stratospheric, and unlike some opera singers, could dance and act as well. The total effect was riveting and spellbinding. The staging of the opera was good, although I would have much rather seen it in it's original staging; this staging was set in Spain of the 1930's.

I feel that opera works best when it enters the realm of fantasy, and takes the audience as far away as possible from everyday existence. There is an annoying trend of current opera staging to try to "modernize" classic operas, ostensibly to try to make them "easier for the modern audience to relate to". This is very, very wrong!

The musical performance quality was excellent, and all the supporting cast was excellent. The sets were interestingly original. Almost anyone would have enjoyed it, regardless of whether they were an opera buff or not.