Carmen is the most popular of all operas and has been for many, many years. The performance by the Met deserves every superlative one can conjure up!! So do everything in your power to get to see this version. This is the best, most beautiful, most fiery most talented cast, sets, director ever.
We were enthralled every minute. THe Met in HD is so far superior to seeing it live in the opera house that I may never travel to the city again. The facial expressions, eye movements, audio are ALIVE and you do not miss anyof them. YOu are on stage with the cast; in the opera house it is a little montage from a huge distance. And looking at the action through opera glasses is a sorry substitute.
I could write forever about the chorus, the dancing, the duo dancers performing in a small opening in the curtain before Act 1 and 3, and, most of all Carmen. She is beyond description and her interpretation of the role seems to energize everyone else on stage.