This production was OUTSTANDING, AWESOME, SUPERB and provided an absolutely WONDERFUL afternoon at the opera/theater/cinema. The performances were superb, the satellite uplink (despite worries about storm interference) was excellent, the images sharp, and the music terrific. EVERYTHING about this experience was exceptional ... EXCEPT that Regal Cinemas should provide a larger theater for its patrons to these events. We know of a number of folks who could not get tickets to this and other operas already offered and we are not able to get seats for the upcoming performance of "Carmen." It is an absolute shame and a ravesty that a multiplex cinema cannot or will not afford one larger venue on a Saturday afternoon, once every month or few weeks for fans of opera or theater or something other than the mindless crap that most films represent. ... However, for this performance, "BRAVO!", and for offering productions of the Metreopolitan Opera live, "KUDOS!"