This was Joseph Calleja's first time singing the demanding title role and he nailed it! You'd think he'd been singing it for years. There are many versions of this opera (Offenbach died before completing it), and this version cut Giulietta's role to that of a minor character, to allow room to expand Niklausse's role to almost a co-lead to accommodate Elina Garanca's considerable talents. But then Garanca was given the title role in CARMEN and replaced as Niklausse by Kate Lindsey, who was no match for the powerhouse voices around her. She did grow stronger as the opera progressed, though. Anna Netrebko gave her usual matchless performance as Antonia, but it was Kathleen Kim as Olympia who stole the one act she appeared in. She was funny and cute and she managed her difficult coloratura passages with authority. I didn't care for the drab tavern scene at the beginning, and the famous "Barcarolle" was given a rather perfunctory treatment. But it's a good opera for people new to opera.