Aside from the 3D effects that make this movie somewhat worth it, there isn't much too write about. The storyline is very weak, along the same lines as these "Saw" movies that are popping up annually. It seems that they rehash the previous installment and try to take it to the next level. This one definately takes the cake in the gore category but with the god-awful acting and limited story to follow, I would imagine this is tough to see without the 3D effects. A couple of the death scenes are way over the top, particularly the pool scene and the escalator scene, but with so little story it's hard to feel bad for any of the characters aside from the security guard.I can say this one has so little story that there are very few, if any boring scenes with one casualty occuring after another. There's even a bonus sex scene with a guy they make out to be possibly the biggest tool in the history of film. A good enough time if your willing to spend the extra $$$ for 3D but nothing great