This movie had a TON more action, however the plot was not as well thought out. In fact, I think writers really hoped that viewers would be taken with the bright lights, explosions, bumbling leading man, his cute yet idiotic roommate, hot women, and a jewish man in a thong...which I was! However, there were a few useless characters and scenes that left me saying "I don't get it." This movie sometimes crossed the line of cheesiness and had some "oh you've got to be kidding" moments.

Here is some advice. If you watch the movie in IMAX and cannot sit in the correct spot in the theater, which is the middle, prepare to feel retarded, blinded, and end up twitching like Shia LeBouf's character in the movie. There was so much going on in the action scenes and because of that, sitting too far left, right, down, or up could result in a serious headache.

All in all, this movie is an action movie, and Michael Bay delivered. I'm going to see it again, and so should you.