By w2trr
Written November 02, 2015
I must have seen this movie at least 100 times since it first came out in 1980. I still think it's arguably the funniest movie ever made. It's just time to sit and be silly. The only disappointment was that it was edited. There were some subtle things left out that only someone who has seen it a bazillion times would notice. One missing scene was where the kid brings his dog into the cockpit "oh look - scrapps is a boy dog". Another was where a reporter announces the passengers are being put in Jeopardy, and you cut to the plane where Art Fleming is playing Jeopardy with the passengers "I'll take airline disasters for $100". But it is still a riot, and a good time. AND....they gave away a DVD of the movie which I won in the trivia contest. :o) I just want to say good luck - we're all counting on you!
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A comedic classic

By nikulinfan
Written November 02, 2015
In my opinion, a no-brainer as one of the top five comedies ever filmed. A zillion great sight gags (even after all these years, I still sometimes find new sight gags hidden in this movie) and some great one-liners . . . also notable for being the beginning of Leslie Nielsen's comedic career.
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Best of The Best!!

By Laluna350z
Written January 30, 2011
It is amazing that Airplane PLayed in Theaters again, I love it!!!! I just want to say to Airplane, good luck were all counting on you :)))
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Airplane Re-releasse

By teota
Written January 30, 2011
It was fun to relive this flick! I noticed things I had missed previously - found myself wondering if the racial comments would've been allowed in this day and age. Laughed out loud a few times without realizing that it was ME giggling in the theater. Definitely enjoyed it more on the big screen. My only disappointment was seeing how dated it was . . .
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Still great after 30 years!

By darkwing_mos
Written January 30, 2011
The best of the spoofs. The writing is great, fast paced and witty. Many of the one liners still make up the vocabulary of my generation (and don't call me Shirley!) Young adults and adults must love it. There is no way that this movie could be made today. Political correctness would squelch it instantly. This is a time honored classic that made me laugh louder than my wife and 16 year old niece.
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