The only hilariity was the price I paid for seeing this trash

Written January 14, 2013
This movie was one of the worst movies I had ever seen. I had high hopes of getting a few good laughs, but it was raunchy, crude and at times just gross. The sex stuff went way overboard. If you think it will be like SCARY MOVIE - think again. Doesn't come close. I wanted to hide the kids eyes whose negligent parents had brought them to see the movie. My group walked out half way through it. It's niot funny at all. Keep your hard earned cash and whatever you do....DON'T TAKE YOUR KIDS to see this unless you want them to see how to have sex with a stuffed animal., learn what a swinger is, a herpes lesson and how horny a gay man can really be. Enough is enough. The Wayne brothers' are so talented. Can't hollywood do any better than this?
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Best Comedy in Decades!!

By vaboi89
Written January 11, 2013
A Haunted House was no doubt the funnest movie I have ever seen in a theater! You will be in tears laughing the entire movie! It is definitely a MUST SEE if you like to laugh!
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Please don't insult us!!

By DHWesley
Written October 25, 2014
A message to Keenen Ivory: Go to Marlons house. When he comes to the door...slap him...hard, and tell him to never do this again!! "A Haunted House" is an insult to the creativeness and humor of the Wayans Brothers, of which I am a fan! This is $25.75 and an hour and twenty-six minutes we will never get back! If this movie was shot on video, it should have been deleted, immediately! It's an insult to the movie-going, paying public. We can no longer rely on Fandangos "Fan"s favorable reviews on this movie. Anyone with two brain cells who actually saw this movie would have never said "GO" (unless they have no social upbringing or education and just don't know good from bad. Maybe 'their' mother needs to be slapped!). So...OH NO!...DON'T GO! Send them a message!!! Don't pay good money for bad movies.
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thee fourth baked

By krazy_for_movies
Written October 23, 2014
The first Hour of the movie was truly funny and I loved it but the last twenty or so minutes it took a turn to boring. When his girlfriend hit his dog with her car and it died and his reaction was just too funny. Him humping the stuff bears was like making fun of the movie Ted which I thought was putting this movie above Ted with comedy but after an hour of watching it was like it just took a turn to boring. It was sad to see such a funny movie just go down hill like that. They need to really take a serious look at the last 26 minutes of the movie and rethink on it if and when they write another movie. This movie is not good for anyone under 18 to watch and It would be cheaper to wait for it to come out on video and watch it around Halloween.
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Hunted house

By jenniferg0629
Written November 01, 2014
You must go my bestfriend jesica show me the trailers was SO so but when I saw the. Movie OMG lmao it was funny entertaining must go watch it !!!
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