Stupid, stupid waste of money.

By JoiaRox
Written June 02, 2015
While there were one or two hilarious scenes, the movie as a whole was a waste of money. The movie takes you through personal recordings of Marlon Wayans and his live-in girlfriend as they "test out" their new camera from Best Buy and new video home recording system. The camera work, therefore, is somewhat shoddy throughout the movie. Lacking a real point and a real conclusion, the scenes contained within were just pointless and stupid. I wasn't expecting film brilliance, but I WAS expecting more comedy throughout. Don't waste your money on this film...if you're THAT intrigued, wait for it to come out on video.
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Blasphemous & Pornographic

By rioblu286
Written May 24, 2015
We walked out during this movie. Everyone in it & involved with it needs prayer because this movie is straight from the pit of hell. No one needs to go see this movie and it needs to be removed from circulation. Pure trash.
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I should have known better

By cnicholeo79
Written May 01, 2016
I hate to go to the movies to see things like this and I knew better but the kids wanted to go and see this...... Never again.... It had some funny parts but for the most part just was not for me.
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By lampkinv
Written January 22, 2013
This movie was TERRIBLE! I was insulted that this foolishness was put in front of me and my family member eyes. Couldn't bare to watch twenty minutes of that sick movie; we walked out!
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The Haunted House

By Lori216
Written December 29, 2014
I wasn't sure about seeing this movie when I heard it was a spoof of other movies as I am not a fan of them. There were maybe three or four short references to other movies. Our family went and enjoyed it immensely. Some sexual content may be awkward for younger kids. I would caution taking anyone younger than 15 or so. The movie carried through well and didn't drag. It was entertaining throughout.
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