Not Funny at all

By s2huang
Written September 22, 2014
This movie is boring, neither scary nor funny.
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a haunted house

By rjenkins243
Written September 22, 2014
The movie was great, too short, but very intertaining. It could have showed more key stars and less gay scenes. But all in all Funny,Funny,Funny. U must go see
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By catwoman12121
Written September 19, 2014
I was excited to see a waynes brother movie, it suck the first few minutes in started i did not stay thru the end i really wanted my money BACK!!!! NOT GONNA BE FOOLED AGAIN BY THESE BROTHERS MOVIES TO ME THE ARE NOW THE BLACK ADAMS SANDLERS AND WILL FERREL OF THE MOVIE WORLD!!!
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What was I thinking

By jeepercju
Written July 26, 2014
In the first 30 minutes people starting walking out. Yes it was funny but nothing I will remember or really would want ot remember. Dumb story line of what they call a story. What of a waste of a real nice day outside.
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A Haunted House

By banibanks
Written August 29, 2014
Michael Tiddes - Director Marlon Wayans - Producer, Screenwriter I really wanted to see this movie as it appeared to be a spectacular spoof. I was pretty dissapointed in that it turned out to be quite misogynistic. There were also an inordinate number of very negative homoerotic referrences. I fried made the point however that the genre that Wayans is spoofing glorifies the very same ideals. Very true but still not sure that Wayans himself wasn't buying into it hook line and sinker. Don't go unless you have a strong sense of where you stand on these issues. You might otherwise be really disturbed by what you see,
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