Not for anyone under 18!!

By aleeplus3
Written April 27, 2015
I agree with the previous reviews. I took my daughter and her friend to see this mess and they had to keep their eyes covered on many of the scenes. I expected some nudity and bad language and even a little sex scene but this movie had nothing but sex in it. Everybody and everything was having sex even the ghost! At one point I became offended by some of the sex scenes and I'm 42 and have seen it all. Should of had a no one under 17 permitted period with parent or otherwise. Don't waste your money!!!!!
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Funniest Movie I've Seen In a While

By sdhirsch
Written December 19, 2014
This has to be one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. Don't expect a perfect plot line or oscar nominating acting, but if you're looking for something to entertain you for the full 90 minutes then SEE THIS MOVIE!
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Not for the kiddies

By MinaM74
Written March 05, 2015
It was a typical Wayan brother joint...alittle over the top with the sex stuff especially with the stuffed animals. Got quite boring in the middle of the movie....time waster if you have nothing to do....I would suggest you watch this if your friend gets it from the Red Box.
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A Haunted House

By Canmack
Written January 28, 2015
I wanted to see a stupid, senseless movie that would make me laugh, and this fit the bill. There were lots of laugh out loud scenes. Having said that, this movie had more to do with Marlon's obsession with all things sex than a haunted anything. Ridiculous amount of sexually explicit scenes and innuendos. But seriously, the 10 year old kid sitting a couple of seats away with her mom (quality parenting), has got to be scarred for life by the acts Marlon committed with innocent stuffed animals.
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Surprisingly good

By Pa3cya
Written May 06, 2015
Normally on this type of movie I wait until it comes out on dvd and drops down to about $10 but we decided to check it out and I was pleasantly surprised. Actually pretty funny. If you are in the mood for some good mindless laughs check it out.
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