Haunted House

By zunsyne
Written September 21, 2014
Not for children under 18. Not for adults over 40. I went with my 18 y.o. son who absolutely loved it. If given a choice, I wont even pay to see it on video or ppv. Better to wait until it makes it -- if possible -- to tv.
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By mtetro
Written January 25, 2015
It was hilarious!! I laugh so hard I cried and I want to go see it again!! A bit graphic and alot of adult content, not for children, but a definite "must see"
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Paranormal Fun!

By Artemis Raven
Written January 12, 2013
Thank goodness for Marlon Wayans for saving parodies; we all know that they were going by the way side; once, the Wayans took a break. So, glad, that this project was insanely funny. The entire cast contributed to a well put together spoof on the senseless "based on a true story" horror films. I must admit, I was iffy, about the movie, but all-in-all it was a great way to kick back and laugh after a long hectic week. However, I do not suggest that you take small children.
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Not Worth Movie Theater Money

By goddessneshelle
Written March 31, 2015
It was funny...very funny, but not worth the amount of money that I paid for the ticket. This was the type of movie that you would find on netflix and watch. Not the type that you would pop in the dvd player with a few friends and watch. Just not. Sorry. I hope that you all could have done better. I'm SO looking forward to the next Scary Movie coming out soon! That looked hilarious!
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Off The Hook Funny

By RockJay12
Written January 25, 2015
A Haunted House was a funny movie. I definitely enjoyed it to the utmost. I did not go into the theater with any expectations whatsoever so I was not disappointed in the least. It was one of those movies that you cannot help but to laugh from start to finish. I wouldn't recommend you to take your children to see this film. There was a lot of over the top sexual scenes, which were crazy but it added to the humor of the film. I am a fan of silly movies and this one was definitely one for the ages. My girlfriend and laughed all the way through it. This movie is not for those lacking a sense of humor. I loved it.
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