Brilliant, historically accurate film. Exquisite.

Written May 31, 2010
One of the best films of the decade. Historically correct, depicts major conflicts in Alexandria, and Hypatia's struggle much like Copernicus and others to sustain learning and knowledge. Rachel Weisz is stunning and shows deep mastery of the character and the historical issues. Direction is crisp. Alexandria set is a great replica. What a stunner this film is. It holds you every minute. A film for all citizens of the world.
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Extremely realistic account of religious struggles in early AD Egypt

By loves_smart_movies
Written June 27, 2010
This movie was emotionally compelling and the scenery and cinematography were captivating. I can see why some Christians or Jews may be offended, as neither groups are portrayed as being free from revenge or violence; however, religious violence is common in history, and the events seemed historically accurate, or at least very plausible. Rachel Weisz is excellent; she evokes empathy and does a wonderful job of portraying a brilliant thinker/philosopher who is also a woman--a character that is rare in film. Overall, the movie is not particularly uplifting or a "feel good" movie. It does have a good deal of violence and death, but I felt that this was realistic and not gratuitous. There is also an astronomical theme to the movie that is consistent with the main character and the culture/studies of ancient Egypt. Most importantly, this movie completely sucked me in and made me believe that I was in ancient Egypt. Every detail was authentic--never noticed any CGI. Brilliant-a must see!
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Awesome and Excellent Movie

By luigee
Written August 29, 2010
Great Movie. Shows a side of history that we don't see often, yet it's worth knowing about. People with open minds should watch the movie. Those who are fixated on their christian views and don't want to watch anything that challenges their dogma should stay away (although they should be the ones watching). Any student of history will see the many truths in the movie and often as you watch you can't help but see the similarities to what is happening in our world today. I loved how the movies shows that the Pagans weren't the "evil-doers" as Christians like to portray them now, but rather shows how religious fanatacism can destroy great things in the name of "god". Please this great film.
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Don't go!

By jangoodwin
Written June 06, 2010
A fascinating moment in history destroyed by overly violent, badly acted, rotten screenplay, with the exception of Rachel W. The equivalent of a spaghetti western!
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* Beautiful & Poignant. Bravo! ! *

By astrobill
Written August 22, 2010
This movie is an amazing, under-reported, and beautifully-filmed masterpiece. It was well-acted, with strong performances by an all-around excellent cast which easily holds their own alongside Rachel Weisz. Moreover, this film is the most poignant visual expression I've ever seen of the tragic ease with which the best thinkers among us have been caught up like wind-blown leaves in religiously-charged tides of history -- risking the loss of truths they alone knew -- because they stood up to the "authorities" who hold power over people's beliefs. The scenes in which the director uses digital effects to contrast the seemingly-important events in 4th-Century Alexandria to the massive expanse of the cosmos and Earth's place in it were remarkably effective, if lost on some of the audience. If you can't catch this film on the big screen, at least do yourself the favor of streaming it to a BIG screen entertainment center with surround-sound turned up... Bravo!
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