A Good Year Synopsis
A banker inherits his uncle's French vineyard, then meets a woman who claims it is hers.
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Not quite pickled

By RandytheMovieFan
Extremely predictable but pleasant enough movie. Enjoyed seeing Russell Crowe try a different type of role (romantic comedy), but the results were just so-so....

A great GNO

By Rigglette
Russell Crowe is a joy in this movie....

fun movie

By hamster_guy
mostly predictable, nicely done, a good time....

A Good Year

By MovieJackie
I loved A Good Year. Russell Crowe surprised me because he was exceptional in his part. I loved the book and the movie is just a good. It was relaxing and wonderful. The scenery was exquisite and...

Great movie!

By brahh
Very enjoyable movie...plan to purchase the DVD when it comes out....

A Good Year

By crowelady
A charming change of pace for Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe.  Beautiful scenery and very well acted.  It's unfortunate that many reviewers are unable to accept Mr. Crowe as...

Good but long

By very
Russell Crowe ws charming, even when doing pratfalls. I like the movie a great deal, especially it's message that career isn't evything. It did, however, drag a bit toward the end....

a good year

By treedog
A great movie with a refreshing theme. The scenery was great. The casting was well done. All in all a great evening out....

a good year

By kimnalani
enjoyed the lightness of the movie, the comparison between hectic/ chase money life to really finding your personal space. Favorite line "its your life that doesn't suit this place"...

A Good Year. A So-so Flick.

By userrname
Unless a movie is a fantasy or sci-fi thing, I really dislike seeing key plot twists that turn on implausible, nonsensical events.  But if you're the sort who stares right through such...

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Rated PG-13 | For language and some sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Predictable but pleasant movie for teens and up.
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