By the_other_guy
Written February 13, 2012
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Best comedy of summer 2011

By Lovemesomemoviez
Written October 11, 2011
Totally dug this movie, it combines the girl comedy of Bridesmaids and the guy comedy of The Hangover. While it's genuinely funny, it's also surprisingly sweet. Sudeikis is my new favorite comedy guy, and this is finally the leading role he's been waiting for. For a movie with the word 'orgy' in the title, there isn't a ton of nudity (although I was relieved they didn't chicken out on the big event.) That's because it's more about the characters and the situations, which I actually prefer. Going to be watching this one for years to come.
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A Good Humored Adult Comedy...Cleaner Than Some Others Out This Summer.

By Al P
Written September 06, 2011
I wasn't sure what to expect going in but it's fair to say I set the bar very low based solely on the title. After viewing some of the raunchiest comedies ever this summer including, Hangover 2, Bridesmaids and Horrible Bosses, I figured this one couldn't be any more vile. I was right. Instead, this film was an Animal House-like lampoon, with adults, and updated for 2011. And despite the title, it wasn't vile at all, indicating the skill of the film maker in producing a concept that could have gotten out of hand quickly. Too bad the writer didn't hold up his end. The dialogue was forced and meandering. The cast did their best but had little to work with. There's some brief nudity, adult settings and many adult-specific concepts but what kind of idiot would take a kid to a movie with this title? Despite its shortcomings, you could choose to see a lot worse films in exhibition than this one. It's fun and funny but not a riot. See it. It's worth the ticket price.
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A Good Old Fashioned Orgy-I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

By chelsey19
Written September 03, 2011
This is a heartfelt comedy about friendship. The humor is quick and witty. I LOVED this movie. All the actors are extremely funny. It's not really about an orgy, but about friendship! Go see it!!!!!!!!!
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By d.duff
Written September 03, 2011
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