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By jesuisderekk
Written July 02, 2015
come on bruce. I love the witty one liners but seriously this movie was awful. No strength in the plot. action was cheesy and unrealistic. Most of it wasn't even bad funny. JUST PLAIN BAD. I would give this a negative rating. WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME.
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I'm on vacation

By sonoma07
Written August 30, 2015
I really enjoyed the movie. It was action packed and it was good to see Bruce Willis in action again. Poo to anyone saying it was not dramatic enough (it is not supposed to be another "To Kill A Mockingbird" or funny enough (get a sense of humor already). Had fun.
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A Good Day to Die Hard

By fred1
Written February 06, 2016
The only reason people are going to see this movie is because of the great scripts, action packed 3 former films and the return of Bruce Willis. However, this movie is not like any of the first 3 films. This one fell way short! The diaglogue and plot was virtually non-existant and when they did speak it was dry and flat. The script was terrible, and if you could call that a plot, it was so predictable that you didn't even have to think about it. The movie was basicly the same non stop action that you have seen before. My advice? Save your money and watch something else.
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Better than the last!

By LebenOjanen
Written February 12, 2016
Straight to the point: If I had to rate this film out of 5 stars, I'd give it a 3.5. The first half of the movie feels like a spy film where Bruce Willis is just playing a huge cameo. The last half, however is pretty fun. All in all, not a bad film. Better than the 4th, but not as good as the 3rd. Let's hope the 6th goes out with a satisfying bang.
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Looking for Action?? This is your movie.

By MrsO2012
Written May 29, 2016
I wouldn't say it was the best Die Hard, but it was certainly entertaining. My husband, father and I are action fans and this certainly fit the bill.
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