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Best Die Hard Movie

By benjamin0644
Written September 21, 2014
This was one fun movie. One of the best chase scenes. The vehicle chases and the helicoptor scenes were great. This is a must see movie. The way the two main carracters play off each other just adds to the fun. Get your popcorn and sit back and enjoy.
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Better than the last!

By LebenOjanen
Written September 18, 2014
Straight to the point: If I had to rate this film out of 5 stars, I'd give it a 3.5. The first half of the movie feels like a spy film where Bruce Willis is just playing a huge cameo. The last half, however is pretty fun. All in all, not a bad film. Better than the 4th, but not as good as the 3rd. Let's hope the 6th goes out with a satisfying bang.
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Alot of Action

By jeepercju
Written September 19, 2014
It was an interesting movie. Would have been a good movie to see in 3D. The ending was to easy to figure out even though the story had alot of twists.
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Critics what critics????

By Joel Miscione
Written February 15, 2013
The critics that say this movie is bad are absurd... This is one of the best Die Hard Movies for one reason and one reason was nonstop action at its best!!! The writing and dialogue might not have been as on point or dramatic as some of the previous movies however what I loved most about this was the fact that Bruce was John McClaine!! He was his character through the whole movie. Meaning that he felt familiar like an old friend his mannerisms his facial expressions everything was perfect..Jai I am not too familiar with but he played his role well..The film angles and screen tricks made the action look awesome hardly any spots where it looked like CGI or model work...Nothing was too over the top and it was never boring...The beginning of the movie was nonstop adrenaline and had me on the edge of my seat it seemed fluid and even though it was long I did not want it to end...Overall Movie I give it an A... One of the best action films of the year!
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It's John McClain being John McClain

By ferrule
Written August 21, 2014
Anyone wanting some big giant change in how a Die Hard story might play out is going to be left wanting and disappointed. Anyone unfamiliar with the Die Hard series will also find this movie to be written on the standard action movie outline..... Over the top crashes, explosions and close calls? Check. Strained dialogue with catch phrases? Check. Self examination and revelations? Check.... EXACTLY what I paid money to go see!!!! Seriously. John McClain is a character I've grown up with. He is exactly what he is and this was one more chapter of his life. Just like any written serial novel, the character has habits, mannerisms, conflict we've come to expect. It makes him familiar. It makes him John McClain....
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