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Willis Died Hard

By crossfive
Written February 15, 2013
So disappointed. Bruce Willis scripts were never great, but this was terrible. Car action scenes were way overdone and unrealistic. Diving through a plate glass window,crashing through 20 stories of scaffolding only to bounce up and find another readily available source of assault weapons and ammo. Let's go son...lets go shoot another 20 or so bad guys and then we'll share really bad dialect between each other until we can do it about five or six more times. Maybe then you will see me as a great loving dad and we can ride off into the sunset together. Don't even worry about watching it when it is out on' just that bad. Ps. I love John MacLaine but he is dead in my mind now!
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Horrible Horrible Movie that fractured an otherwise excellent Franchise

By zeroandme
Written February 15, 2013
I love all the Die Hard movies, but DIe Hard 5 was horrible. Who green lighted this project? It didn't even feel like a Die Hard movie. The John McClane character didn't even seem like John McClane. I had no idea what movie I was in 15 minutes into the movie. Huge let down, and I'm sure someone will be getting fired over this mess of a picture. They really fractured the franchise.
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Entertaining but Not Great

By nsahm751
Written March 30, 2015
I've always enjoyed the Die-Hard films, especially the No. 4 (with Justin Long), but this one was kind of blah. Had potential, but I was disappointed. The chemistry between McCane and his son just never really worked. Intense action sequences but no real heart. The film is entertaining, but I would advise people to just watch it when it comes out on Netflix. The most charming scene was right at the beginning with McCane and the cab driver. After that, I just never connected with John's character and his son. The acting is good, the cinematography is great, but the story line is a bit unbelievable. Not a kids movie, lot's of violence and lot's of f-bombs.
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Not close to being believable

By BellyoftheBeast
Written January 28, 2015
O.K. the other films in the series were a bit over the top but this one just was way beyond that. Falling off a tall building and getting up running? Being skewered by rebar, having it pulled out, and no side effects? Multiple car crashes and walking away. Falling from a helicopter, all in a days work. Being blown up by a bomb in the court house, no problem. And all the while not even being concerned that something bad might happen. Think of the Expendables where you are impervious to any bad things happening. This film did a dis-service to the series. Also, the camera work was horrible. Another of those films where the camera is constantly moving to mimic action. It just upsets my stomach. The writer for this film should not be allowed to work in Hollywood again. No character development, no good dialogue. Willis goes all the way to Moscow and within 15 minutes runs into his son, who is on an undercover mission for the CIA. WOW!
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Weak storyline which all the explosiions couldn't revive

By kia001
Written February 17, 2013
This was the worst of the Die Hard movies made. It's not that John MacLean is getting old, its that the story line was so thin that they keep having to blow things up just to keep you distracted. Straight to video is what this movie was designed for.
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