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Great Action and Plenty of One-Liners

By earthstorm25
Written February 16, 2013
If you have ever seen a Die Hard movie you know what to expect. John McClaine gets into another action packed adventure and this time he's with his son. All the snarky one-liners, catchphrases, explosions and crazy car chases are packed in to this father/son bonding experience. If you enjoy a good old fashioned action flick this is for you.
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I'm on vacation

By sonoma07
Written February 25, 2013
I really enjoyed the movie. It was action packed and it was good to see Bruce Willis in action again. Poo to anyone saying it was not dramatic enough (it is not supposed to be another "To Kill A Mockingbird" or funny enough (get a sense of humor already). Had fun.
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Worth the watch....

By rljensen3
Written February 15, 2013
Let me start by saying all the haters should lay off. The Die hard franchise has a formula that works, if you go in expecting Lincoln material you'll be disappointed. That being said I love these movies and hope they can continue for as long as old Bruce can handle it. There are a ton of old age references throughout the movie that add humor to it. The opening 20min with the highway chase is some of the best action to date.. This Movie isn't rocket science and it's not claiming to be but if you like action and/or the franchise go see it. You'll love it..
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By Honeeb5683
Written July 15, 2013
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Die Hard might be dead

By sayian_king
Written February 17, 2013
Loved the first set of movies, but this one just didn't seem to be up to par. Good movie to rent or buy if you are collecting the series, but otherwise somewhat disappointing. By itself it was a good movie. Put next to the previous Die Hards, just wasn't there.
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