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A Good Day to Die Hard Synopsis
John McClane (Bruce Willis) and his estranged son must protect a Russian whistleblower.
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Giving it a so-so only because I'm a Die Hard fan!

By avon_mom
As a huge fan of the entire Die Hard franchise, I can't help but feel let down at this current sequel. This movie lacked the "luster" of previous Die Hard movies that captured the magic of...

I'm on Vacation!

By MedRed
Better than expected! This movies serves up the action in a big way! If you need a dose of testosterone, then look no further. A Good Day to Die Hard, has a shallow plot, but makes the best of it...

Worst one yet!

By Billyboru
I went to this movie wanting to like it but it lacks the humor of the previous movies as well as a memorable villain. The reason I gave it a so so and not a no is that it is an action movie and there...

One of the funniest movies I've ever seen (not intentional)

By Hitman19832006
Very few movies give you the audience the chance to have your own "open mike" Mystery Science Theater 3000 session on them. Luckily, A Good Day to Die Hard give you that opportunity. This is a truly...

Lot's of Collateral Damage!

By Lsavan
I love Bruce! And yes he still has it! So it is a good Die Hard - not so sure about the plot - yet it is hard to not like the role of John - and yes it was a good relationship builder with his son -...

Weak for a DIE HARD

By dprojoe
I'm a Die Hard / Bruce Willis fan, seen them all, from the beginning many moons ago but this one is not up to snuff. I'll give Bruce another chance in the new GI Joe out soon. Basically this...

Old school action movie

By johnmichaelgross
I'd bet if you are a Die hard fan you'll like this movie, if gratuitous shootings, car crashes and explosions are not your thing, well, there's got to be some boring vampire movie playing now right?...

Unfortunately unimpressed

By yoda_oneforme
This is really difficult for a Die Hard fan like me to say, but the only thing I liked about the movie was the action. The stunts, the explosions, the fighting. But truthfully, they were the only...

Good addition to the series

By mcmiranda817
No surprises here, great to see Jai Courtney coming into his own as an action star, but he did better work on Spartacus season 1 and on Jack Reacher. Bruce Willis fans will be happy....

Action NOT Writing

By coachstevens
You know the action will be good but the writing with plot and dialogue was stilted at best and boring at worst. The beginning was a bit confusing. I'm and will always be a HUGE fan of Willis and DH...

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Rated R | For Violence and Language
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Common Sense Media says Fifth in violent action series is also least entertaining.
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