Exactly what you want out of a Bruce Willis movie

By nrvdoc
Written June 01, 2016
You don't go to this type of a movie to get an emotional warm fuzzy feeling out of it. You go to see things blow up and bad guys and (girls) get shot up. Bruce delivered. People that see this movie and complain that the character development wasn't nuanced or there was no connection to the audience, just don't get it. Don't be an idiot go see Les Mis. Granted this is a man's movie, but some women love manly men and thank God for those ladies that love us the masculine few. Well done Bruce, thank you for a 1.5 hour adrenaline rush.
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Hard to Hate but...

By Tristiang
Written September 26, 2016
Bruce Willis is still his wisecracking, one-liner dropping, tough as nails, John McClane self. The action is over the top and frenetic, and may over load the senses, but it is so formulaic that it feels dull. The car chase sequence is amazing, but the rest of the shot 'em up is so bland that you are just sitting there watching things blow up, waiting for the movie to end, and when it ends, it just ends. There is no real character development or explaining of motivations. Characters are barely introduced and then killed too quickly. The writing on this movie was so lazy that the only thing they could think of to make nuclear radiation magically disappear was a bunch of flashlights affixed to a crossbow with some smoke. There is a small amount of redeeming quality in the dynamic of the relationship with John and his son but that aspect is really just a device to get to the next action sequence. It was the most cliche and uninspired movie of the Die Hard franchise. Oddly I didn't hate it.
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You gonna cry about it

By alex.tal
Written April 28, 2017
A strange setup to a great movie. The action kicked in right away, had a story that kept twisting and turning. Not a typical Die Hard where John McClaine does all the work and directing right away, but you'll see the true McClaine shine through.
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A Good Day To Die Hard

By W.patton7
Written March 27, 2017
Sorry but this was not worth the money or the ime. I am a big Die Hard Fan I have seen all of the movies. Die Hard V was only 97 minutes long, did not have a good plot and was just two unrealistic. How can a 58 year old man fall 150' plus feet go thru a large glass window and end up in a pool of water all the while being shot at by a rapid fire air craft gun. Die Hard #1 was by far the best and the 3 that followed were not bad but his one not so good!
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Kaboom + 90 minutes

By rxeno
Written March 23, 2017
Non stop massive car, helicopter, building and just about everything else int he movie all blown up. Excellent! Go see this movie. This is NOT Gone With The Wind. Whatchyu talkin bout Willis?!
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