I really enjoyed this movie.

By pramonfigueroa
Written February 01, 2015
I wish my Dad was here to see this movie this is definitely a Dad and Son movie. Bruce Willis rocks in this movie. The action scenes in this movie were awesome.
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Great Fun! Embrace the Chaos!!!!!

By piersy99
Written February 15, 2013
What do the critics expect from the 5th installment of a 30yr old action franchise?!? Tom Hooper directing? Frank Darabont writing? Meryl Streep as the eye candy!?! Please. This film is great fun. Nothing more, nothing less. It's worth your money, if you're not desperate for plausibility, emotionally compelling story, or characters. Kabooooooom!!!
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An improvement over the last.. but still not traditional Die Hard.

By Bobby_T
Written December 20, 2014
It didn't have the annoying kid from the Apple commercials and it wasn't about Cyber Terrorists. So needless to say this was a mass improvement and step in the right direction for the Die Hard franchise. Appearing again was the over-the-top unrealistic "yeah right" destructive happenings. With over embellished CGI to top it off. I think Die Hard has strayed from its roots in attempt to appeal to the Spiderman generation of movie go'ers. I'd rather see John hang on for his life on the tail of a helicopter or crawl through some vents than some ridiculous and impossible CG-filled scenario that makes him look more like a fictional super hero than the original gutsy guy... on vacation protecting his family.
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A Good Night Out for Father and Son

By BillTustin
Written August 27, 2014
I was not aware of the Dad & Lad theme when I invited my 30 y/o son out for a burger, then a movie. John looks pretty good for an old guy. He's not quite as witty as we remember in LA, DC, or NY but his corrosive mordancy shines ever harshly. There were no belly laughs but several ha-ha’s throughout. Seeing the gaps close between an absent father and an indignant son coupled with high action gave recall to the first installment with Holly. So much for underlying references to the original. This one had at least two direct scenes or lines pointing back but I won't spoil it for the next ticket buyer. Cheers to Skip Woods and others that contributed to a story line that twisted and turned twice, maybe thrice. Loyalty followed by betrayal, followed by betrayal, followed by loyalty, with some classic ***kicking, provided us with 98 minutes of high energy entertainment. Unlike some of the Botox boys, Willis has developed the character to the point where some of us can’t wait for the next.
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John MClane rides again

By Carrolla
Written August 21, 2014
I fell in love with Die Hard immediately after seeing the 1st one. I was hooked on Die Hard and Bruce Willis. I have enjoyed them all BUT that said I will be objective here. This was not the greatest. I know Bruce Willis is getting older - this is just reality, but we all still secretly want to see the kick ass-no holds barred, etc, etc character - SO to see him playing an old doddering dad was odd. Not only that but I felt his acting was not up to par. His son was the focus of the movie. This son that we did not know. Ya it was typically unrealistic how they could keep being shot at, etc...and walk away with minor injuries. There was no clear cut evil villain that you love to hate. No Jeremy Irons, Alan Rickman or Alexander Godunov. Even his signature line "Yippeykiyay motherf#cker!" was said at an odd uneventful moment like "Oh ya, we gotta throw that in somewhere." So after all the anticipation I felt a little let down, but being a die hard DIE HARD fan I still enjoyed
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