A Good Day To Die Hard

By fantom-II
Written August 30, 2016
Story line was great, the action was outstanding, but Bruce is getting on for this kind of film. The man playing his son, looks like a really good replacement. I will buy the video when it comes out. Still love the show.
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IMax / DieHard

By Eagle.1
Written August 31, 2016
This was the first movie I saw in IMAx LOVED it! Movie was non stop action and the IMax format just enhanced it would recommend it to all.
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Hard to Believe

By guilherme1971
Written July 28, 2016
with this super trend of 007 type of movies, die hard became really old and obsolete. it is really hard to believe... movies like 007, Jason Bourne, are closer to something real. The scenes are well done, sound is amazing (imax) but the history is bad...
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By LaraCroft111
Written September 29, 2016
I had earplugs and still had to hold my fingers to my ears and my ears were STILL numb afterwards. Really good way to achieve hearing loss. The film was along the lines of most new "spy" films these days (like The Bourne... #2, 3,4...): dark, convoluted, poor writing, hard to figure out what the heck they're talking about or why they're doing what they are doing. BUT... Lots of LOUD ACTION and LOTS of SHOOTING with VERY LOUD guns! (Did I say "LOUD"?) Plot is VERY thin: Man has a [mysterious] "file", bad guys chase man, McClanes protect man, until... Of course, McClane JUNIOR is probably there to carry on the "DIE HARD" franchise because Bruce is getting too old. But THIS is NOT a continuation of the DIE HARD tradition... If you're a DIE HARD FAN, this will be VERY disappointing. (BTW, many shots in the trailer are NOT in the film and MOST of the trailer is right at the beginning of the film. FORGET the rest. OUCH! $39 FOR TWO!! Woulda cost $5.99 to rent for my 12-foot screen at home.
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You gonna cry about it

By alex.tal
Written May 25, 2016
A strange setup to a great movie. The action kicked in right away, had a story that kept twisting and turning. Not a typical Die Hard where John McClaine does all the work and directing right away, but you'll see the true McClaine shine through.
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