By harl05
Written February 15, 2013
I LOVE the Die Hard movies and this one is no different! Lots of action and cynicism.... the perfect combination for a Die Hard/Bruce Willis movie!
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By LaraCroft111
Written February 15, 2013
I had earplugs and still had to hold my fingers to my ears and my ears were STILL numb afterwards. Really good way to achieve hearing loss. The film was along the lines of most new "spy" films these days (like The Bourne... #2, 3,4...): dark, convoluted, poor writing, hard to figure out what the heck they're talking about or why they're doing what they are doing. BUT... Lots of LOUD ACTION and LOTS of SHOOTING with VERY LOUD guns! (Did I say "LOUD"?) Plot is VERY thin: Man has a [mysterious] "file", bad guys chase man, McClanes protect man, until... Of course, McClane JUNIOR is probably there to carry on the "DIE HARD" franchise because Bruce is getting too old. But THIS is NOT a continuation of the DIE HARD tradition... If you're a DIE HARD FAN, this will be VERY disappointing. (BTW, many shots in the trailer are NOT in the film and MOST of the trailer is right at the beginning of the film. FORGET the rest. OUCH! $39 FOR TWO!! Woulda cost $5.99 to rent for my 12-foot screen at home.
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Good day to see Die Hard

By pmwilford
Written February 18, 2013
Really good action. IMax was fantastic. Easy to see that the Die Hard vehicle will keep rolling on to more. Just when you think there is a limit to how much trouble he can get in the middle of there is another action packed adventure. Definitely recommended to see on the big screen.
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I wanted so much more.

By davidclundgren
Written February 15, 2013
After thoroughly enjoying "Live Free or Die Hard" I was very excited to see "A Good Day to Die Hard". Sadly that excitement was long gone by the time the credits began to roll. The action is big and lout, (which of me is a plus), but pretty ridiculously unbelievable....even for an action flick. The witty/biting running commentary usually provided when John McLain is on his own battling the bad guys was essentially missing from this movie unless you consider hearing "I'm on vacation" several times funny. (Reminds me of Clerks when he says "I'm not even supposed to be here today...") Anyway, the action is big, exciting, and unbelievable, and the story is mediocre at best. At only 1:38 long, it's almost 45 minutes shorter than the last one, but in this case, that is a good thing as there isn't enough story to make it any longer. Even at just over 90 minutes, the scenes without action seem to drag at times. See it for the explosions, but don't expect anything else.
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Fans of the franchise will want to see it; others, perhaps not so much

By SandP
Written February 17, 2013
As a loyal (must avoid pun...) Die Hard fan, I felt compelled to see the latest installment. It fully met the quotient for explosions, gun battles, death-defying action sequences and Bruce Willis trademark wise-assery. It all seemed, tired though - Bruce trotting out the old act to pick up multi millions. Bruce's co-star did not bring much to the party and would by no means be considered a "sucessor" to the McLain mayhem mantle. If you do go to this movie, IMAX is the way to see it. The action scenes are terrific in this format, and the enhanced sound adds to the impact.
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