John MClane rides again

By Carrolla
Written July 24, 2014
I fell in love with Die Hard immediately after seeing the 1st one. I was hooked on Die Hard and Bruce Willis. I have enjoyed them all BUT that said I will be objective here. This was not the greatest. I know Bruce Willis is getting older - this is just reality, but we all still secretly want to see the kick ass-no holds barred, etc, etc character - SO to see him playing an old doddering dad was odd. Not only that but I felt his acting was not up to par. His son was the focus of the movie. This son that we did not know. Ya it was typically unrealistic how they could keep being shot at, etc...and walk away with minor injuries. There was no clear cut evil villain that you love to hate. No Jeremy Irons, Alan Rickman or Alexander Godunov. Even his signature line "Yippeykiyay motherf#cker!" was said at an odd uneventful moment like "Oh ya, we gotta throw that in somewhere." So after all the anticipation I felt a little let down, but being a die hard DIE HARD fan I still enjoyed
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All Action and Special Effects

By lmaturo
Written February 17, 2013
I saw it in IMax, and it was the best way to see it to get the full effect from all the action and special effects.. The car crashes were spectacular! Well, like "Live Free or Die Hard", it had one of McClain's children in it. This time it was his son instead of his daughter, which we should have seen coming. It was inevitable, I guess. The big question is will they use his son to reboot the franchise. Bottom line, if you like the Die Hard franchise, you'll love this one.
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Awesome movie!!!!

By ksmith.8511
Written July 29, 2014
Took my husband to see this movie in I MAX on Valentine's Day and it was the best idea ever! We both loved this movie and you guys should definitely go see it. No regrets.
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A Must See For Die Hard Action Fans

By scifinaxnflix
Written February 25, 2013
Yes it's an aging franchise, but the latest installment delivers on the action in a new setting in Russia. The plot has some weak spots, and the number of multi-story falls that the heros walk away from is unbelievable, but the action doesn't stop, and the stunts are great. (I also now know what my next car will be for driving in city traffic..)
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That's Enough, John McClain

By jackel_inthebox
Written March 01, 2013
How old is John McClain? He's been shot, stabbed, blown up, cut to ribbons, beaten half to death, and nearly nuked on multiple continents, and not only is he fit as a fiddle, he's still got a job with the NYPD. In the last movie, he had to make amends with his estranged daughter. In this movie, he has to make amends with his estranged son. In Die Hard Six, he'll have to make amends with his household pets. The movie had it's moments; McClain was funnier than I remember from the previous films and the gun play and explosions were good. None of it was good enough to justify IMAX charging $32 for two tickets in sad old Buffalo, NY. It's not like this was some cinematic masterpiece. Wait for the video.
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