A Good Day To Die Hard

By fantom-II
Written February 05, 2016
Story line was great, the action was outstanding, but Bruce is getting on for this kind of film. The man playing his son, looks like a really good replacement. I will buy the video when it comes out. Still love the show.
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Exactly what you want out of a Bruce Willis movie

By nrvdoc
Written December 21, 2014
You don't go to this type of a movie to get an emotional warm fuzzy feeling out of it. You go to see things blow up and bad guys and (girls) get shot up. Bruce delivered. People that see this movie and complain that the character development wasn't nuanced or there was no connection to the audience, just don't get it. Don't be an idiot go see Les Mis. Granted this is a man's movie, but some women love manly men and thank God for those ladies that love us the masculine few. Well done Bruce, thank you for a 1.5 hour adrenaline rush.
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A Good Day To Die Hard

By W.patton7
Written July 03, 2015
Sorry but this was not worth the money or the ime. I am a big Die Hard Fan I have seen all of the movies. Die Hard V was only 97 minutes long, did not have a good plot and was just two unrealistic. How can a 58 year old man fall 150' plus feet go thru a large glass window and end up in a pool of water all the while being shot at by a rapid fire air craft gun. Die Hard #1 was by far the best and the 3 that followed were not bad but his one not so good!
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IMax / DieHard

By Eagle.1
Written February 11, 2016
This was the first movie I saw in IMAx LOVED it! Movie was non stop action and the IMax format just enhanced it would recommend it to all.
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By harl05
Written January 31, 2015
I LOVE the Die Hard movies and this one is no different! Lots of action and cynicism.... the perfect combination for a Die Hard/Bruce Willis movie!
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