By SherBil
Written August 29, 2016
It's a Die Hard movie, for Pete's sake! You go to these movies with the intent of being entertained with a lot of swagger, destruction and pay-back satisfaction. This one did not disappoint in any of those categories. Jai Courtney made a plausible "son" to Bruce's John McClane. (I don't know why the daughter McClane even made an appearance.) We had a lot of fun watching the mayhem and plot twists. And in IMAX, you were in the thick of it all!
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By ORD60613
Written February 20, 2017
I've always enjoyed Bruce movies, and Good Day to Die Hard was as expected good action with sounds and effects (watch on IMAX) and an awesome way to merge the story with the sound and action effects. Go see it.
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A Good Day to See Die Hard!

By bennenator88
Written June 30, 2016
"A Good Day to Die Hard" doesn't pretend to be something it isn't; this movie is an action, shoot 'em up, explosion movie. It's got the classic "Die Hard" comedy, this time being shared between father and son. Acting, directing, explosions and cinematography are great! This movie is definitely for the over 16 crowd. If you like the other "Die Hard" films, you'll like this one!
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A good two hours!

By newyqrk
Written August 24, 2016
In light of the national debate on gun control, "A Good Day to Die Hard" makes a plausible case for every responsible homeowner to own a firearm to protect himself from corrupt government officials (and their beautiful, if equally corrupt daughters). While too late for consideration for this Sunday's Oscar ceremony, I found this latest Die Hard sequel to be a very entertaining, non-stop action thriller. I'll need to watch it again to determine if the total number of bullets fired exceeds the number of automobiles destroyed in the making of this film. At the end of the end titles, there's a graphic declaring that this film supported 14,000 jobs. I'll hazard a guess and say most were Hungarian tow trick drivers, glass sweepers and squib fitters. It may not have had the wit, or even the plot line of the original, but it was two hours well spent in an expensive popcorn emporium.
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Enjoyed every minute of it!

By Apollodango
Written February 21, 2017
Excellent, a roller coaster of action, very intensifying and gritty, it absorbs you into it, we wished it had lasted longer, it left us wanting more even though it ended well. It was worth seeing on IMAX.
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