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Different from the original

By emailvikash
Written January 29, 2012
It will be unfair to compare both versions of Agnipath. One was a director/producer's fore into recreating Scarface type movie and the second as said at the start of the movie "is a dedication to the older version" Hrithik: Good subtle performance.Unfair to compare him with AB - he is portrayed differently | SanjayD: Great performance - Best Villain for the year award | Priyanka: Present for ha ha's only | ... +'s Slickly locales and recreating Mandva | Slow pace of the movie hidden by LOUD background - saves the movie | Different take of the original - worth watching for just that | Actor who played Dinanath Chauhan's role | .... -'s Choppy editing and screen play | No Krishnan Iyer | You can only understand the story if you've watched the original (stand alone and the story falls apart) ......... Worth a watch if you saw the older one or if you are out and have nothing else going on.
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Agneepath review

By jerzgirl369
Written July 29, 2014
Agneetpath 2012 was really good .... Uncle Fester aka Sunju dada was really evil.... and Rishi enacted a nasty pimp very desire to talk about the item # and Priyanka was good and beautiful a perfect foil of our Hero Hritik ...even the kid who played him as a young boy was good. Hritik wow great job... Is violent and bloody but do see it will enjoy ... a bit too long but did not drag... does not conflict with the original different story ... though same essense. Do go and see it.
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By cacophonix
Written January 28, 2012
I wasn't very impressed with the movie. As everyone knows its a remake of a 1990 AB movie. The original was critically acclaimed, but failed commercially. I tried to watch it last year, and could not sit through it. I gave up after 40 mins into the movie. Over the top, overly dramatic, bad acting, horrible 90s costumes, bad music - the bane of most 80s/90s masala bollywood trash. The new one improves upon the original by doing away with a few characters - the irritating "madrasi", no romantic track involving the hero's sister, better acting, better production values and better music. Sanjay Dutt's character was much touted in the reviews, and he's menacing as Kancha Cheena, and so is Rishi Kapoor as Rauf Lala. But the screenplay disappoints. It just jumps all over the place ... i lost interest midway. Om puri is wasted. Priyanka does a good job of the small role that she essays. And Hrithik is a good actor, but his scale is much smaller that what AB had to do in the original.
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It is like having a Coke without the fizz

By mudra
Written January 30, 2012
Terrible interpretation/copy of the original, give it a pass. Ok to watch at home on a dvd rental.
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Realistic story. Good Drama

By rbkrao
Written January 31, 2012
Every body is at their best in terms of performance. Sanjay dutt was dreadful in that role. He did complete justice. Hrithik as usual did excellent in the angry man role. Rishi requires a special mention for his awesome performance. It's a serious movie but still the narration is very gripping. Good job everyone.
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