What was that...

By rialoveflowers
Written March 26, 2012
Combination of poor direction, weak acting, super confused too long story is the back breaker of this movie. I dont know how Saif (quite a refined actor) singup and do this kind of s... movie with such a childish director. Save your money...!!!
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Not quite James Bond

By mrmeswani
Written March 24, 2012
Agent Vinod, an officer of the Indian intelligence agency on mission to save the country from terror and plots and spies. Pros: A couple of good songs, some part of the movie are fun in bits and pieces. Cons: Ohh boy, it seems indian moviemakers just don't know how to make a fast paced action thriller. The pace of the movie is all over the place, goes from fast to super snail-like slow pace and goes back and forth. The movie drags on for almost 3 hours, serious flaws in the pace. The plot oh man, the story just goes through so many countries, some times you are wondering where are they and why are they there. I was lost after some time, and the thread was too tangled up. And finally the background score, seriously infantile intellect whoever chose it, no consistency, random music and just plain bad taste. So - so, wait for DVD copy, and pass this one in the theaters.
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By rvivekshanmugam
Written March 24, 2012
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Not worth for money

By rajaselvam
Written March 24, 2012
Movie is not upto that level. Direction, acting, background music all are waste. There is no coincidence between Background music, Screenplay Direction. Editing was also not good. Totally I wasted three hours in theater that is the only thing I can share at last.
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A Confusing, Lengthy, Yet Enjoyable Spy Thriller From Bollywood.

By Chicago_Wingman
Written March 27, 2012
There are some parts of the movie that was either slow or difficult to follow. Plus, the plot was too simplistic. Also, I thought the movie was way too long. However, it was overall slick, stylish, and had good action. It never failed to deliver the excitement when it needed to. It had an excellent cast, and the view of the various locations were very appealing. It was my first Bollywood film, and it was enjoyable.
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