• Released
  • August 30, 2013
  • (Limited)
  • R , 1 hr 33 min
  • Comedy Drama
    Domestic Comedy

Fascinating look at life from a woman's point of view

By salSSmovies
Written September 30, 2016
This movie shows us facets of sexuality and male-female relationships that we rarely see on screen. With some moments that are uproariously funny and others that are surprisingly poignant, it also manages, without any didacticism or preachiness, to be one of the most feminist films I have ever seen, showing things from a woman’s point of view in a way that doesn’t usually make it into film. Every woman – and every man who wants to know about women – should go see it!
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Comedy by the rich, for the rich

By jhs39
Written June 25, 2017
I have a low tolerance for movies about well to do people who are unhappy with their lives and this is a particularly ugly example of the genre. A rich Jewish woman with a huge house, a devoted husband and adorable little boy is unhappy with her life of comfort and takes in a sex worker to work as a nanny for her son, believing she can somehow save the young woman. Juno Temple plays the dancer and part-time call girl and is by far the most likable and sympathetic character in the movie, but very much like the films of Woody Allen when he deals with non-wealthy characters Afternoon Delight views Juno's character with little more than contempt. She's there to teach the rich Jewish lady to appreciate her life and doesn't belong anywhere near their privileged world. If you want to see a far more emotionally complex and humane comedy drama with a sex worker as a lead character check out the far superior Starlet instead. This is only watchable for Juno Temple.
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Delightful Afternoon Movie!

By frodo56
Written August 28, 2016
It's about time someone created a movie with this kind of analysis of middle class suburban Jewish life. This is the kind of movie that haunts you later as you ponder the implications. This is the second movie in which the catalyst becomes an outcast. Do you remember "The Kids are Alright"?. In that movie, the sperm donor never asked for the contact; it came to him. Yet he was branded an "interloper". Likewise, the young stripper was contacted by the unhappy wife. Yet the wife sequesters her from children, which caused a deep hurt and led to acting-out behavior. So the stripper is "bad" and the housewife returned to her now sensual life. Who's using whom? The most compulsive female member of JCC is the one who catches her husband in the act. A lot to think about there! In short, I liked this movie. But the directors of such material seem to take it only so far; afraid to cross a cultural line and really consider true alternatives.
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Not just another frustrated housewife comedy

By HelenMchi
Written September 17, 2013
I loved this film! I was expecting a light comedy about a bored marriage with some sauciness thrown in- it was that and much more! The lead actresses do an AMAZING job. It was alternately funny, sassy, uncomfortable and sweet. A great film for girlfriends or couples.
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