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After Earth

By paolettil
Written September 03, 2014
Although it is only June, this is the sure winner for worst movie of the year. a thousand years in the future a space ship returns to an abandoned earth and crashes in what looks like the Sequoia National Park. Only survivors, a stern Will Smith and his son Jaden. Will spends most of the movie injured and strapped into a barcalounger in the ruins of a ship made of toilet paper and saran wrap. The ship has split in two and Jaden must find a beacon in the "piece of tail " of the ship. He spends hours running through a moss covered forest avoiding badly computer generated baboons and a massive boll weevil. A major piece of crap.
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Love it.

By joelcalix
Written May 31, 2013
One of the most amazing movies so far this year! both roles Jaden and Will. Gave the screen another prospectives of how movies needed to be done. I thank all the crew from After Earth for the lovely 90 minutes! Joe
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Great Movie, I can not comprehend the negative reviews.

By HonestBlkCritic
Written March 28, 2015
I will ne er understand the worlds beef with M.Night Shyamalan. I feel like all the professional critics water at the mouth to ry to bash him and the average movie writer is a little to dense to appreciate his artistic approach. After Earth Was Great. It wasn't "Epic" which is the majority of complaints im hearing, but Shymalan's movies never are. The action scenes werent over the top but they kept me in suspense the whole time. This movie makes a very real story out of a complete fictional backdrop. Go see for yourself and please ignore these people. Sometimes I wonder if they really even watch these movies.
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WHAT were they thinking?

By elkhunter
Written August 04, 2015
This was really, really bad. Several people around us walked out in time to get their refunds. We stayed and kept hoping it would get better-----it didn't. We finally left and went next door to "Now You See Me"-it was fabulous!! Very entertaining (contrary to what the empty-minded critics said).
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By ShebaLatray
Written April 18, 2015
The accents of the characters killed it some. But the scenes, the creatures to hunt humans was very good. The story line was is where were are headed in the destruction of Earth. Loved the action.
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