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I expected more from Will..

By wrkrbe2
Written November 26, 2014
Will needs to stick to comedy. This was clearly a vehicle to introduce his son to the moviegoer's but really fell flat. I think the audience laughed once- near the end. For sci-fi it was not very realistic. I mean one of the crash sites from their ship looked like it was draped in toilet paper! If you want your money's worth go see Star Trek instead.
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Love it.

By joelcalix
Written May 31, 2013
One of the most amazing movies so far this year! both roles Jaden and Will. Gave the screen another prospectives of how movies needed to be done. I thank all the crew from After Earth for the lovely 90 minutes! Joe
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After Earth

By paolettil
Written September 03, 2014
Although it is only June, this is the sure winner for worst movie of the year. a thousand years in the future a space ship returns to an abandoned earth and crashes in what looks like the Sequoia National Park. Only survivors, a stern Will Smith and his son Jaden. Will spends most of the movie injured and strapped into a barcalounger in the ruins of a ship made of toilet paper and saran wrap. The ship has split in two and Jaden must find a beacon in the "piece of tail " of the ship. He spends hours running through a moss covered forest avoiding badly computer generated baboons and a massive boll weevil. A major piece of crap.
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By john_patricks
Written November 29, 2014
After Earth is a very solid movie. The acting from will smith was amazing, and it was amazing just seeing how far his son Jaden has come in his acting career. The movie had its moments of action, scares, and raw emotion that sometimes brought tears to my eyes. This movie is a perfect father son film that shows that at the end of it all when all hope seems lost, you still have each other. I would highly suggest seeing this film if you have not done so already. I GIVE THIS MOVIE AN 8.5 OUT OF 10!!!!!!
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Just wait

By carbonscooby
Written January 27, 2015
I'm going to be honest here, and after watching the movie you'll probably agree with everything I said here. Don't go in expecting action in your face (it's relatively slow paced), and I would suggest only going to it if you're a fan of Will Smith and Jayden Smith... like REALLY a fan. I would say the majority of the movie, pretty much all the scenes, are zoomed in on one or both of them. Jayden is trying really hard, and he'll be great, just not right now. Will Smith of course is great without even trying like always. Some might even wonder if this is kid friendly, well, yeah it's pretty kid friendly... ish... The lack of gore makes it kid friendly (mind you there is imagery of death after the fact) but there are some moments with some jump scares for some reason, so as long as the kids can handle that they'll be ok?. Save yourself the money and time, pass the theater experience for this one, wait till it hits Bluray, in fact, even better, wait till it's free on Netflix instant
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