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wow -- worst Will Smith movie

By hankejh
Written September 02, 2014
e v e r -- could not believe how bored I was through the last 90 minutes of this turd -- I should have walked out -- Jada Smith? Please -- never want to see him "act" again. Take a knee.
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have Smith, Will travel

By anhkent
Written October 02, 2014
Not much story line. Props were on a budget as obvious in scenes of spaceship wreckage. Thanks to Will and son carrying the whole movie. Despite so, I'm still a fan to Shyamalan's message of take care Earth or She'll take care of you.
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I liked it

By calitexan22
Written September 02, 2014
I really like this movie and I would recommend it. All of these people and their ridiculous opinions. They are sooo negative and pathetic. Really? Get over yourselves. You couldn't even pretend to make a movie half as good. It's easy to judge someone's hard work and dedication from your couch. They did a good job. People are over critical of movies nowadays... Wannabe critics pick apart movies and just complain about everything.
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After Earth -- or earth ever after

By globalreach
Written May 31, 2013
This movie is for diehard scifi fans only. Go to see Will Smith, or to see Jaden Smith, or for the storyline, but don't go for the acting. Once everyone else is dead or gone, father and son do fine. However, the storyline lags at some points and the weird accent used at the beginning was dreadful, but the computer animation and special effects are good throughout. Tree-huggers will be pleased to know that 1,000 years after man soils and abandons planet earth, earth recovered.
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By chocolate_if
Written September 20, 2014
Better than I thought it would be. Yes Young Smith is not a good as Will, but the movie was done well. I jumped, my eyes filled with tears, and the visuals were darn good! At the end, the 90% full theater filled with applause. So if you're in to making up your mind for yourself, I'd go....
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