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IMAX did have adventure in it....

By ShebaLatray
Written July 08, 2013
The accents of the characters killed it some. But the scenes, the creatures to hunt humans was very good. The story line was is where were are headed in the destruction of Earth. Loved the action.
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By BikeMan6x
Written June 24, 2013
This film boldly attempts things that are rarely done. 1. A Sci-Fi coming of age 2. Telling a story with only two charters 3. An African-American father I am proud to have supported this film
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After Earth Must See

By AGurzi
Written June 03, 2013
This is an amazing movie. Though the "accent" was something that could have been without, my family and I enjoyed every part of it. As a family movie this is a must see together.
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A good movie for a father and son to see.

By liljaesun
Written June 04, 2013
That what I heard a ten yr old boy say. every adult said some about this movie that it was so-so. But I think this movie was made from the story telling to a young boy. I have looked back at movies adored as a kid (i.e. Rad, Breaking) and thought they the greatest. My dad on the other hand thought they were bad. The ten yr old who made the statement saw this with his Dad and liked it. What this movie meant to an adult is nothing when compare it to the title of this review. I hope that every father would like Will Smith and be their son greatest supporter.
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By Nyahtravel
Written June 03, 2013
The Best Movie since Hungr Games! The Movie was entertaining, exciting and exhilarating. Enough with the Haters - Jaden Smith is an excellent actor 100% Support!!!!
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