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Wait for it to come out on DVD

By Doitnstyle1
Written August 27, 2014
It seems that M. Knight Shaymalan didn't eve try. We picked out scenes that were ripped off from all old and latest TV show and movies. He ad a great few years of production but went downhill fast. I would say to get ff his fat ***if he is going to produce a movie and take our money.
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Worst director in history

By MrDragonbane
Written August 01, 2014
There is so much that could have been done with this. The dialogue was pathetic and the acting was subpar thruout. Considering 75% of the film is two people talking to each other that is just not acceptable. Then you get to the end credits and the director who shall not be named is responsible for the film, the only good thing I can say is at least the ******* didn't have one of his surprise plot twist endings. Someone explain how Shamalamadingdong keeps getting projects?
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Great Movie, I can not comprehend the negative reviews.

By HonestBlkCritic
Written July 26, 2014
I will ne er understand the worlds beef with M.Night Shyamalan. I feel like all the professional critics water at the mouth to ry to bash him and the average movie writer is a little to dense to appreciate his artistic approach. After Earth Was Great. It wasn't "Epic" which is the majority of complaints im hearing, but Shymalan's movies never are. The action scenes werent over the top but they kept me in suspense the whole time. This movie makes a very real story out of a complete fictional backdrop. Go see for yourself and please ignore these people. Sometimes I wonder if they really even watch these movies.
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Oh M. Night Shyamalan You Did This?

By theoldbear
Written August 29, 2014
After Earth   As I watched the credits roll and saw that the director was M. Night Shyamalan I was disappointed that he would even consider releasing this movie. Most of his other work has had some substance which this film clearly lacked.   I was surprised that the ship was able to make interstellar space trips, but couldn't keep track of the asteroids. Then too the emergency beakons(only two) were not housed in something that would protect it from a crash.   To watch Kitai make his journey to the only surviving beacon was tedious at best. Chypher’s comment that the planet’s life forms had evolved to kill humans was a bit contrived. The life forms didn’t know humans from anything else that seemed easy to kill and eat. The giant bird saving Kati was a real stretch too. All in all the film was very predictable and not very exciting. Save your money and time and skip this fluff.
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Gen Raige!

By DocHalle
Written May 31, 2013
Pleasantly surprised. Will Smith becomes a whole new character. Convincingly done. The movie is not too harsh for young viewers say 10 & older. Th computer generation looks good & my interest was held throughout the movie. I even had no problem with the sci-fi part. A good funny line at the end! Some very nice photography of Utah and Costa Rica!
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