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Pour movie

By sonic809
Written October 24, 2013
It was not good at all I do not really know wy But it was just bad all I can say is You WILL be disappointed
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OK movie but expected more earthly weirdness!

By Coastalman
Written February 11, 2016
The movie had a great concept and plot but after all the promotional hype about the evolution of earth without humans 1000 years down the road, I went into the theater expecting some fascinatingly weird things, both animal and plant, to confront our heroes. What I was presented was just so disappointing. There were no new bad ***creatures and deadly plants...only animals I can see in the zoo right now, every day (albeit with a little added makeup to make them more interesting). Man, what a bunch of hype. The other problem I had with this movie is that for it to be a summer blockbuster, it was just too slow, lacking the "Fast and Furious," and "Star Trek" thrill-a-minute action scenes. It's what audiences expect for this type of movie. The few suspense and action scenes that are in the move are great, but there are just too few. I'm just disappointed. With added thrills and action, this could have been a great flick. What possibilities! Unfortunately, it's only pretty good.
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By miquela657
Written May 06, 2016
I saw the commercials and figured this would be a pretty good movie. But the only good parts were what was in the commercial... The acting was terrible and the plot wasn't very good either. He has no sense of urgency during the movie at all and he didn't have any real obsticles. The whole movie the dad kept having flash-backs to the same moment and bleeding out.. I mean the beast thing in the end barely even lasted a few minutes before that was over, and Jaden's acting during that scene was iffy. So if you were thinking about seeing this I would suggest you go find another movie like Star Trek or something like that. And if you don't care about my review and are going to go see it I don't suggest bringing kids because it is kind of gory and there are some scary scenes weaved in there, and if you are scared easily just bring somebody to cling to and you'll be good
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WHAT were they thinking?

By elkhunter
Written May 28, 2016
This was really, really bad. Several people around us walked out in time to get their refunds. We stayed and kept hoping it would get better-----it didn't. We finally left and went next door to "Now You See Me"-it was fabulous!! Very entertaining (contrary to what the empty-minded critics said).
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By john_patricks
Written May 05, 2015
After Earth is a very solid movie. The acting from will smith was amazing, and it was amazing just seeing how far his son Jaden has come in his acting career. The movie had its moments of action, scares, and raw emotion that sometimes brought tears to my eyes. This movie is a perfect father son film that shows that at the end of it all when all hope seems lost, you still have each other. I would highly suggest seeing this film if you have not done so already. I GIVE THIS MOVIE AN 8.5 OUT OF 10!!!!!!
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