See it in

By dodielevitt
Written September 19, 2014
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Skipi this movie.

By cairolyle881
Written September 19, 2014
This movie promised to be good, but it was slow, the acting was flat (even though Will Smith's character was supposed to be flat....but it was detrimental to the movie). I walked out of the movie, and I haven't done that since 1989. Not worth the pay of the ticket.
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After Earth

By dianehernandez1963
Written September 18, 2014
As always Will Smith slammed it in After Earth. and kudos to his son... What a team. Hope to see more of them in up coming movies.... Forget what the critics are saying....its us the movie viewers that make the difference and what counts.....
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Could have been better

By acstarman
Written May 31, 2013
I also thought this movie was a bit predictable. I agree with the other reviewer about these ultra scientific space suits but the fact that they couldn't keep the person wearing it warm..go figure. I would have preferred more info on what the earth looked like now..other than buffalo and trees and signs of any human created buildings 1,000 years from now? What were they planning on doing with that monster they had caged up to start with? I just felt the movie should have had a WOW factor. Will Smith should have had a bigger role. Unbelieveable, that a young man who seemed so ready to become a soldier like his dad and acted so stiff and cool when "home" would fall apart as much as he did when out on his own. It was worth my money BUT I did expect a lot was NO Independence Day!
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Why All The Negative Reviews?

By Schnooz1
Written June 04, 2013
I'm an avid movie goer, and have walked out of my share of movies, but I was never tempted during this movie. I thought Will Smith was great, as usual, and it looks like his son will be a chip off the proverbial block! He is fresh faced, intelligent and fit. I thought he did a fantastic job acting. There was nothing there non-believable or put-on in his speech or actions. Now for the movie. I really enjoyed it! The time went by too quickly. Where were these other reviewers that said it was a bad movie with poor acting? I sometimes think people just like to sit back and review movies without even seeing them. I think this must be the case! Go see and enjoy! Skip the Adam Sandler fart flick, teens, and go see this one instead! Now if The AS flick gets good ratings I give up! A + experience at After Earth!
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