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It's kinda drama, not action

By Ishmoney
Written August 24, 2016
I am a huge Will Smith fan so my review will be biased. I thought the development of the relationship between father and son was for the action?? It was okay, at times, gory. I would not take a small child to see this like some adults in the theater do. P.S. I LOVE WILL!
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Skipi this movie.

By cairolyle881
Written February 10, 2016
This movie promised to be good, but it was slow, the acting was flat (even though Will Smith's character was supposed to be flat....but it was detrimental to the movie). I walked out of the movie, and I haven't done that since 1989. Not worth the pay of the ticket.
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Critics Are Overly Critical—See the Film for Yourself—Also Good for Older Children

By Happytalk2
Written June 30, 2016
I enjoyed the film and felt that Kitai's character was fleshed out pretty well. It was established that he was smart and had some field training although he fell short of proving himself to be a ranger while in the academy. Hey, he was a young teen living with some serious scars and a hero dad who was out saving the world but not his family. The fact that Will's character was severely injured and unable to move his lower body allowed him to feel real fear for his son who had a daunting task to undertake. It would have been nice to see him cry or agonize more but that may have been out of character. It would have also been nice to see more terrorizing creatures. I think there were four if you include the insect. The ones they had were pretty cool. Not sure that a human can actually outrun several monkeys. All in all, the movie held my attention and was entertaining. It empowered a young man who didn't know what he had in him. I also liked the capability of his suit and the mother bird.
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After Earth

By randelyn23
Written July 01, 2016
I really enjoyed the underlying messages in this movie (that danger is real but fear is an active choice we make on a moment by moment basis; and the father-son relationship). I such a fan of the Smith family and was excited to see the two working together towards a very entertaining sci-fi experience. ONLY drawback; I WANTED TWO PLUS HOURS OF IT!!
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By zoe596
Written May 04, 2016
This was just enough suspense/pace for two 12-year old girls (my daughter and her friend). They LOVED IT!!! Adults may find the film "predictable" but the tweens were engrossed in the storyline and understood the relationships, the sacrifice and the struggles of the characters without excessive gore, cursing and rapid-flash-editing. I actually enjoyed WATCHING a movie and not getting a headache! AFTER EARTH was not too grown-up and not too juvenile - perfect tween movie. Highly recommend if you are truly looking for a PG-13 rating. Kudos to Jaden Smith!!!
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