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After Earth

By Quintus
Written November 28, 2014
Not sure why people were so disappointed in this movie, I agree in could have been better in some ways. Missed a vital piece of info and maybe it called for a bit more action but all and all decent movie. Go see
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Horrible Movie

By walcosersba
Written December 20, 2014
I am totally disappointed with the acting considering Will Smith was in it. The role was too big for his son and should have been given to someone else with much more skills. I am skeptical to see any more movies that the Smith family stars in. Very disappointed.
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Not bad, not great - Possible Spoiler Alert

By ZombieBatBoy
Written July 28, 2014
As Science Fiction movies go, this one is a bit of a light weight. It is a good vehicle to let Will Smith's son take a lead role, but the script is lacking in all the elements you really want in a great movie. While the special effects are very good, the script just does not allow the actors to convey the intent of the movie: Estranged father and son go on an adventure, and son has to undertake a hero's quest against great odds to save himself and his father. At the end the son overcomes his flaw and through the process he and his father reunite. Well, while the movie goes in that direction, neither character is particularly likable, due mostly to the shallowness of the script. Also, it begs the question, wait, if they have all that technology, where are the big guns? So the movie seems a bit contrived to support the reason for the hero's flaw rather than getting there in a different way.
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Pour movie

By sonic809
Written October 24, 2013
It was not good at all I do not really know wy But it was just bad all I can say is You WILL be disappointed
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After Earth.

By kyddoemiko
Written October 04, 2014
Jaden Smith will play the role of a boy coming into manhood in this movie. I like this movie more than Jurassic Park. The drama and tension was awesome. Any one person who enjoys Sci-fi and man against nature will love this movie. Will's role was great also its amazing seeing both he and his son work together. I can't wait to see what else they have plan for the future.
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