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I Love Will Smith but this movie is his WORST

By Paul111
Written June 24, 2016
I love Will Smith's acting and I love Sci-Fi and can pretty much enjoy any Sci-Fi movie even if it is bad... However; this movie is an exception. The accents by both Will and Jayden were awful. Will sat in the crashed ship with two broken legs and was just plain boring. Instead of enjoying the acting and relating to the characters as the plot unfolds, I was thinking Jada Pinkett probably twisted Will Smith's arm to do this movie and Will was rebelling. She may have said: "All you think of is yourself. You never do enough for our son." So Will Smith comes up with a story that lets Jayden be in the movie, but Will is basically laying down for virtually the entire movie, and he gives no acting performance whatsoever so that he doesn't overshadow Jayden. Instead of enjoying the characters, I didn't believe the actors so I spent the entire movie wondering why Will Smith couldn't see how bad this whole movie was when he saw the playback and re-shot it or something.
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Parents just don’t understand

By zachariaadams
Written April 21, 2015
How can I describe my experience? I can only compare this flick to the 1997 sci fi thriller Event Horizon. Not that they really share anything in common other than the theater was gouging out their eye balls in a state of entranced manic frustration. After the bloody screams subsided in the theater I became aware the danger still persisted. The painfully forced dialog worked its way through my ears into my cortex until I was no longer afraid of death. The Smiths could no longer see my fear. I ghosted right out of the cinema and promptly rented The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and watched with my bloody gaping eye holes with satisfaction as that it was no longer the most ridicules move I had ever seen.
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Really good movie...

By scrlck2
Written February 10, 2016
I have to believe that at least some of the reviewers did not actually see this movie. I just saw it with my 14 and 27 year old daughters and we all loved it. It was an edge of the seat suspense movie. I loved the relationship between this father and son. You really need to see this one for yourself. Take the whole age appropriate family. I doubt seriously if you are disappointed, but remember that it is very intense at times. Pay attention to the really large bird. That scene touched my heart.
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First movie I've left before it was over...

By LukeKruse317
Written May 31, 2013
Horrible. The movie looks so fake, horrible special effects. There's just really no point to the movie. Me and my friends were looking forward to it but we left about an hour in.
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A very AVERAGE Sci-Fi film

By chambertlo
Written June 27, 2016
I don't think I have every seen such an overall average film in my life; the acting was bad and stilted, the action scenes were few and far between, and many of the logical decisions made throughout the film failed terribly. The suit could change colors and alert the wearer of impending danger, yet can't keep the person warm? What the hell was up with that eagle? Why is it that the technology exists where you can travel between planets, yet people are still limbless? Made no sense in the film, and I was constantly asking myself why these things were not further considered. Nothing about this movie stood out, and while the visuals were pretty, that alone does not a good movie make. Skip it, and spend your money on something more interesting.
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