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little disapointed

By DAVID1055
Written May 31, 2013
I to was expecting a better movie then what I watched. Jaden smith is becoming a great actor like his dad but I was expecting more action. I understand the concept of movie but it was still a little slow for me. as always I remind people what I may not like may be the best movie to them so go see it and let us know what you think.
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Loved this movie.

By maywst
Written August 22, 2014
I'm a scifi fan and I came with no expectations to watch this movie. I saw it 6/1/2013 and I really loved it. There was so much conversation in the movie theater from people who saw it afterwards and all the complaints I heard were from people who pretty much were expecting Star Wars action and instead they get the remake of Dune with more action. Get over it! It was worth my 8 bucks and my 4 co-workers loved it also. The other thing I noticed was that most of the people in my theatre who saw it and really liked it for example, either had family and/or children with them/spouses/sisters/brothers etc If you go to this movie wanting only Action/special effects and nothing Deep to make you think about our planet, your life etc then do not go and see it. If you are on the fence wait until pay per view or rent and decide if it's worth buying, but if you have money to spend and no epectations then Go for it and you just might like it.
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Enjoyed it!

By wbird27
Written July 27, 2013
The CGI wasn't the best, and some of the acting wasn't anything to write home about. With that being said, my wife and i really enjoyed the movie. Not worth paying $10 per ticket but if you can get in to a dollar theater or rent it, its worth checking out.
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After Earth

By gedavis
Written July 30, 2014
It was an entertaining movie. I can see Will's son developing into a great actor. It was a good story line. I would see it again.
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By ShebaLatray
Written August 27, 2014
The accents of the characters killed it some. But the scenes, the creatures to hunt humans was very good. The story line was is where were are headed in the destruction of Earth. Loved the action.
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