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M. Night Shyamalan, Take a Knee!

By MedRed
Written August 07, 2016
I didn't know who directed After Earth until I saw the credits. All of a sudden the mediocrity of this movie made sense. After Earth has an audience, but it's not who the trailers targeted. It would make a good watch for pre-teens and young teens. As for everyone else?... The plot is extra predictable and extra slooooow. The acting ranges from below average (Will) to bad (Jaden). It seems as if Will is coaching Jaden on how to act out scenes as opposed to his character coaching his son to be a better rain-jah (ranger). After Earth could have been creative and intelligent. Instead it ended up being a slow paced, light actioned, painfully acted, poorly CGI'd, plot hole ridden excuse for a sci-fi flick. Hopefully a better director will one day remake this promising story with more creatures, science, action, and effort. There are no scenes during or after the credits. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Save Your Money

By mooveeman92
Written March 24, 2017
I am here today frustrated and disappointed that a movie with such an amazing concept and preview was a HUGE LET DOWN. I love will smith (he's my favorite actor) and his performance is strong, but extremely held back. I was expecting this movie to be one of the thrill rides to get my summer going. This movie had so much potential and I was feeling the whole video game vibe to the film, but it became very predictable and there were absolutely NO CURVE BALLS in this movie. A 10 year old with an xbox could have come up with more interesting quest obstacles. Save Your Money go see something else. there are too many good movies coming out to support a bad one and waste your time. You'll be fighting to stay awake more than fighting is in the movie
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By billyathens
Written September 30, 2016
Spaceships made with wooden parts, super-futuristic technology and nothing but spears to fight with, high-tech beacons that can send distress signals 100,000's of light years way instantly - yet can't get their signal through a cloud, suits that change color when danger is near but can't keep you warm, the ridiculousness goes on and on... oh, and the acting... reeeeeeaaaaally bad. I usually love movies that critics hate, and I'm very very easy to please when it comes to acting. This movie, however, had some seriously bad acting and an even worse script. Only one Ursu alien on the entire planet, the one they brought on board, and... WTF was with that eagle?
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The Adventures and Trials of a boy becoming a Man, Proving to his Father to have Faith in Him!

By jcoolb7
Written April 23, 2017
I have been coaching and teaching for over 25+ years. The Faith of the young to want approval from the parents Thsi is a powerful, special and inspiring moment with all the the emotional and fears of anxiety of the parents. A. Will they be prepared for life. B. Will they be able to handle adversity! C. Will they be able to survive along in isolate situations along. D. Will they be able to handle pressure when the odds are against them! E. Will the stay calm or lose their composure! F. Will they remember how they parents handle situations and apply these ideas from their parents to enable them to profrom exceptable or exceed the parents. The fears of all children is spend time with their parents . They want to learn how to be as wonder an inspiring as the two wonderful man and woman that gave them life. Searching for Approval, Love , Faith and Respect!!!! Great Movie like a Mark Twain, Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs novel.Smile
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gripping, intense but lacking in action, slow paced, mediocre acting

By nngg
Written April 30, 2017
This movie and many seem to almost be aftermaths of avatar semi emulating it but not quite. I had high hopes for after earth but felt the movie just fell a little short. Yes, it was interesting, however too predictable, lacking in the action it should have had, and really was mostly slow paced, with some strange aspects to it. The 'memory' of the sister was odd and added a stranger element to the movie. There seemed to be no true emotion set by the actors, and the acting really fell flat overall by all actors. you almost felt as if you were watching amateur actors in a big hollywood movie. Will smith's character was too stoic as were the roles in general. his son did a mediocre job too with the bad script. This movie could have been so much more, but was too slow. It picked up in the middle and it was engaging then but still wasn't as good as it could have been. the ending wasn't good at all. Too much focus on smith's stoic character and acting. Decent movie but just not good enough
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