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After Earth Synopsis
When his father is injured, a youth traverses hostile terrain to recover a rescue beacon.
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M. Night Shyamalan, Take a Knee!

By MedRed
I didn't know who directed After Earth until I saw the credits. All of a sudden the mediocrity of this movie made sense. After Earth has an audience, but it's not who the trailers targeted. It...

Save Your Money

By mooveeman92
I am here today frustrated and disappointed that a movie with such an amazing concept and preview was a HUGE LET DOWN. I love will smith (he's my favorite actor) and his performance is strong, but...


By billyathens
Spaceships made with wooden parts, super-futuristic technology and nothing but spears to fight with, high-tech beacons that can send distress signals 100,000's of light years way instantly - yet...

The Adventures and Trials of a boy becoming a Man, Proving to his Father to have Faith in Him!

By jcoolb7
I have been coaching and teaching for over 25+ years. The Faith of the young to want approval from the parents Thsi is a powerful, special and inspiring moment with all the the emotional and...

gripping, intense but lacking in action, slow paced, mediocre acting

By nngg
This movie and many seem to almost be aftermaths of avatar semi emulating it but not quite. I had high hopes for after earth but felt the movie just fell a little short. Yes, it was interesting,...

I Love Will Smith but this movie is his WORST

By Paul111
I love Will Smith's acting and I love Sci-Fi and can pretty much enjoy any Sci-Fi movie even if it is bad... However; this movie is an exception. The accents by both Will and Jayden were awful. ...

Parents just don’t understand

By zachariaadams
How can I describe my experience? I can only compare this flick to the 1997 sci fi thriller Event Horizon. Not that they really share anything in common other than the theater was gouging out their...

Really good movie...

By scrlck2
I have to believe that at least some of the reviewers did not actually see this movie. I just saw it with my 14 and 27 year old daughters and we all loved it. It was an edge of the seat suspense...

First movie I've left before it was over...

By LukeKruse317
Horrible. The movie looks so fake, horrible special effects. There's just really no point to the movie. Me and my friends were looking forward to it but we left about an hour in....

A very AVERAGE Sci-Fi film

By chambertlo
I don't think I have every seen such an overall average film in my life; the acting was bad and stilted, the action scenes were few and far between, and many of the logical decisions made throughout...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sci-fi action violence and some disturbing images
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Common Sense Media says Exciting sci-fi action and warm father-son bonding.
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