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Good actors, lacking storyline

By ChrisCortez-Maldonado
I saw this movie on opening day during the first time slot at about noon. I am a filmmaker myself and have worked on many big-budget productions with huge stars and small independent productions such...

It's pretty good!

By amy45
I thought this was an interesting movie....

this is a joke, right?

By wmsal80
are you kidding? the CGI reminded me of mortal kombat 2. i almost thought i was watching a different version of alien. no scary, not a lot of gore, no suspense, and really crappy acting. of the eight...

Flashbacks of Alien

By ksaucy
Just seemed a little too like the Alien movies for my taste. It wasn't really that scary and kinda predictable. Just an ok from me!...

Alien Ripoff!

By meowser
This movie wasn't totally horrendous, but it certainly wasn't original! The creature looked waaaaay too much like Alien, down to the facehugging chest popper buddy that they showed towards the end....

Not scary at all!

By luvhorror_movies
I'm a horry fanatic and this was totally not a horror movie. What is happening with these movies? I've heard that last years horrorfest was to deliciously creepy - so sorry I missed it. But this...

what was going on?

By snwbddiva
for the most part, I couldn't see enough to be able to figure out what was going on. Other than that, the explanations were too talky and 'convenient' "Oh I just happen to have a uranium extractor...

Delivered, As expected

By jaded1
Unearthed delivered as expected. Usually a movie trailer will give the best scenes of a movie. It this case, Unearrth's trailer lived up to it's tease. I highly recommend this movie. You will not be...

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