Dead? Alive? You Decide

By KISSman
Written April 12, 2010
A simple story, yet so much more complex -- After.Life will have you guessing all throughout the movie and likely after it ends as well. After.Life leads you through the story giving you varous hints about the true status of Anna's being -- specifically whether Anna is dead or not, but the film never quite gives up its secret. It's ultimately left up to you to decide whether the clues really point one way or the other or whether it the evidence only contradicts itself. If you need a cut & dry conclusion, After.Life probably isn't your thing. If you enjoy thought-provoking horror/thriller films with plenty of nudity -- enjoy!
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Five Word Review

By movie10lover
Written April 24, 2010
disappointingly another sucky ending movie
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was good i like it

By nica-vane
Written April 19, 2010
in same point the guy who play as doctor and do the roll of everything he play the roll as a god
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By Teddy Justice
Written August 15, 2010
Why I liked the film: 1) I liked seeing Christina Ricci naked in almost 75% of the film. 2) Good "Total Recall" type story, there is evidence to support either of the two conclusions that could be reached in the movie.
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FANTASTIC! Best film of 2010 so far...

By Tnya
Written September 01, 2010
Creepy. Intelligent. And beautifully shot. This film isn't for everyone -- and judging by comments and the IMDb message boards people either really really love the movie, or hate it with a passion. Well. That's how movies should be. They should provoke (even hatred). Personally I loved it. Just wish their were more films out there that took risks like this one.
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